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Sunday, September 27th, 2020

Subscription of Right Shares announcement by Soneri Bank Limited

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Karachi: We wish to intimate you that after the allotment of 200,272,130 right shares issued at discounted price of Rs.5/- each and amounting to Rs.1,001,360,515/-, our paid-up capital has increased to 802,594,218 shares and Rs. 7,024,581,665/-. Auditor’s certificate in this regard is enclosed herewith.

With this, the State Bank of Pakistan’s Minimum Capital Requirement (MCR) by 31 July 2011 stands fulfilled.

Subscription of rights shares

As requested, we confirm to have verified from the books and records of Soneri Bank Limited that the rights issue of 200,272,103 shares of Rs. 10 each offered at discounted amount of Rs. 5 per share has been subscribed as follows:


Number of


Rights offered 200,272,103 1,001,360,515
———– ————-
Subscription against letters of rights till 28 June 2011 177,289,997 886,449,985
Remaining balance taken-up by the following persons under the

Board of Directors resolution of 21 July 2011:

Mr. Jaffer Ali M. Feerasta 1,685,596 8,427,980
Trusless Alauddin Feerasta Trust 6,367,809 31,839,045
Trustees Feerasta Senior Trust 7,117,319 35,586,595
Trsuless ALNU Trust 3,558,126 17,790,630
Mrs. Zubeda Aziz Manji 1,500,000 7,500,000
National Bank of Pakistan – Trustee NI(U)T Fund 2,753,256 13,766,280
———– ————-
Total subscription received as of 26 July 2011 200,272,103 1,001,360,515

We further confirm that the revised paid up capital of Soneri Bank Limited amounts to Rs. 8,025,942,180 (802,594,218 shares) as at 26 July 2011 (determined at face value of Rs. 10 each).

However, we have been informed that return of allotments (Form 3) for the revised paid up capital is in process of filing with the Registrar.

This certificate is being issued for submission to the Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited in connection with confirming the revised paid up capital of the Bank.

For more information, contact:
Abbas Hatim
SVP and Chief Financial Officer
Soneri Bank Limited
5th Floor, Al-Rahim Tower,
I.I. Chundrigar Road,
P.O. Box No. 5856, Karachi
Tel: +9221 32446994
Fax: +9221 32446734


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