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Sunday, June 20th, 2021

Summit Bank Limited’s right shares issue

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Karachi: Further to our letter No.SMBL/FIN/803/2011 dated June 22, 2011 regarding credit/delivery of share certificates of Right Issue, we would like to inform you that subscription of right shares of Summit Bank Limited has been received from the following:


S.No. Particulars Amount
01. Surooor Investment Limited 856,457,130
02. Underwriters 593,516,971
03. Other shareholders 158,262
Total 1,450,131,963


Revised Paid up Capital Officer

This has reference to your letter dated 16 June 2011. As required by you, we are pleased to state that as per the books and accords of the Bank, an aggregate subscription amount of Rs.1,450.13, million has been received by the Bank up to 21 June 2011 against the issue of 145,013,196 right shares of the face value of Rs.10 each as approved by the Board of Directors of the Bank in their meeting held on 20 December 2010.

The paid up capital of the Bank before taking into account the above mentioned right shares was as follows:


Number of Ordinary Shares


Face Value


Paid up Capital
725,065,982 10/- 7,250,659,820


The paid up capital of the Bank, after the above referred right issue, would be as under:


Number of Ordinary Shares


Face Value


Paid up Capital
870,079,178 10/- 8,700,791,780


Further, the Bank has complied with the prescribed requirements in respect of the above allotment of shares.

This letter is being issued on the specific request of the management of the Bank for onward submission to the Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited in terms of procedures prescribed by CDC for shares upload.

For more information, contact:
Mr. Muhammad Amin Bhoori
VP/Financial Controller
Summit Bank Limited
2/1, R.Y. 16, Old Queens Road,


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