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Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Supreme Court takes up Case of National Police Foundation Scam

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Islamabad: The Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry took notice on a news clipping published in section of Media that a “confidential inquiry was submitted before the Secretary Interior earlier this month in which it is stated that a member of National Assembly namely Anjum Aqeel Khan is involved in a six billion rupee land scam in which he was aided by four former National Police Foundation officials including former Managing Director. It is further stated in the inquiry that Aqeel had hundred of national Police Foundation housing colony’s plot allotted to his nominees without any formal agreement.

The NFP allotted these plots in accordance with the Capital Development Authority’s 54:46 formula, which governs the affiliation of private land with government housing schemes. According to the formula, a private land owner has to surrender and provide 46 percent of his land for roads and streets. Aqeel was allotted 162 kanals of developed land and as per this ration he has to provide 300 kanals, but to date he has provided only 71 kanals and he is yet to be provide 229 kanals on account of affiliation of land and an additional 100 kanals on account of double purchase. Now Aqeel is an accused of fraud as he has allegedly not transferred 329 kanals of land to NPF.

On the other hand, Aqeel acknowledged that he had arranged the land on behalf of NPF, but denied causing any loss to the NPF being part of any such scam. He also stated that an NFP official demanded money from him and on his refusal the above report was prepared against him. NFP Estate Director has himself given him a clearance certificate which establishes that he does not owe anything to the foundation. It is prayed for the action on the matter”.

Taking the notice, the HCJP passed the order that:-

“Report be called from the Secretary Ministry of Interior, Govt. of Pakistan Islamabad within a period of two weeks.”

In compliance with the above directions, the Secretary, Ministry of Interior, Govt. of Pakistan Islamabad submitted his report that “MNA Anjum Aqeel Khan is involved in a six billion rupee land scam in which former National Police Foundation (NPF) officials including former MD are involved.”

After going through the report, the comprehensive follow up report was called from Secretary Interior and Chairman NPF for 06.06.2011. The report was submitted in which it was stated that during the course of enquiry a number of serious irregularities have been found committed by senior position holders of NPF showing the gross negligence and in-competency in the process of procurement at different times. All the officers of NPF, who had committed irregularities in the procurement of land, had either been retired from the service or left the organization.

All the agreement made for the procurement of land at all times were vague in nature and they did not contain any final cut off date for the supply of land and settlement accounts by NPF with M/s Land Linkers. The land procured through M/s Land Linkers was neither finally quantified by the previous administration of NPF till 2010 nor any effort was made to resolve the issues of shortage of land/rendition of accounts with M/s Land Linkers. Anjum Aqeel Khan arranged and agreement between Tahir Mehmood Khan etc. and NPF to pay off the liability of Rs. 363.00 million approximately to the 59 affectees after a period of eleven years. The present outstanding liability of Anjum Aqeel Khan is 126 kanal.

Anjum Aqeel had submitted undertaking to pay off the price of this land after determination of its worth by the committee of Administration of NPF. Audits were held every year, the affiliation transactions were never audited for stated reasons that nothing was paid to Anjum Aqeel Khan. Further, during the course of this enquiry, long outstanding issues/disputes of NPF has been resolved and NPF has been benefited with the colossal amount of Rs. 6.00 billion approximately in shape of land. They have no hesitation to admit that the notice taken by Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan facilitated the recovery of huge amount after lapse of eleven year.

After going through the report, the Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan has been pleased to pass the following order:-

“A perusal of report indicates that a considerable amount belonging to allottees of the plots. National Police Foundation and employees of the Police has not been counted for completely. Even now matter is being postponed on the basis of undertaking etc. by the owners of M/s Land Linkers from whom property was purchased. Thus, it is a case where protection to the property of NPF and allottees has not been provided, therefore, case may be registered under Article 184 (3) of the Constitution and notices be issued to:

(i). Chairman, NPF, holding the charge presently and during the period when the property was purchased from M/s Land Linkers.

(ii). Owner of M/s Land Linkers, through Secretary Interior.

They should appear and file comprehensive statements about the allegations made against them. However, those who have retired from NPF but otherwise were responsible for the illegalities should also be served upon through official agencies.
Put up in Court on 15.06.2011”.

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