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Tetra Pak launches new intelligent Tetra Alcip

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Karachi, October 11, 2011:

Tetra Pak, the world leader in food processing and packaging solutions, has launched the latest intelligent cleaning-in-place (CIP) Tetra Alcip system. Featuring a new automation platform, Tetra Alcip improves accuracy significantly over alternatives and reduces the risk of human error, helping food and beverage producers achieve uncompromising levels of food safety at lower environmental and operating cost.

The new industry-leading intelligent automation platform continuously adjusts operation to deliver the highest performance levels. It brings customers precision, using the optimum amounts of water and detergent for the exact time needed to get the job done. It can cut water usage by up to 21 per cent and detergent use by up to 7 per cent, reducing both environmental impact and cost.

“Tetra Alcip gives customers complete control of CIP to deliver perfect cleaning results, reduced environmental impact and enhanced food safety,” said Farhan Malik, Processing Director Tetra Pak Pakistan. “Thanks to Tetra Pak’s deep knowledge in cleaning technology and a patented automation structure, the new Tetra Alcip unit is now more intelligent and safer than ever. We are keenly looking forward to introducing the Tetra Alcip system to the Pakistani food processing industry.”

The system’s automation platform enables a range of unique features designed to bring customers flexibility. Its conductivity management characteristics ensure the best possible accuracy on detergent concentration, which assures the highest food safety without the unnecessary overdosing of detergents. A patented liquid tracking structure keeps track of different liquids in the cleaning process, which gives greater flexibility and better precision for control and sorting of liquids.

Tetra Alcip also comes with a number of pre-set cleaning programmes, which allows customers the capability to create their own personalised cleaning routines that are automatically validated before use. Users can also queue and prioritise cleaning tasks, providing customers the flexibility and availability to prioritise their urgent cleaning jobs. Another important feature is the unique flexible dosing system which facilitates the control of continuous detergent concentration in line. This allows the topping-up or boosting of the detergent concentration at any time without having to halt operations to mix new detergent.

Tetra Alcip is a future-proof investment that offers short payback time thanks to the significant savings in operating costs; and opportunities to reconfigure, expand and upgrade if needed. The latest Tetra Alcip solution is built on Tetra Pak’s leadership in and deep knowledge of CIP technologies. This, combined with high reliability, has resulted in more than 1,600 Tetra Alcip units installed around the world.

Tetra Pak is the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions company. Working closely with our customers and suppliers, we provide safe, innovative and environmentally sound products that each day meet the needs of hundreds of millions of people in more than 170 countries around the world. With almost 22,000 employees based in over 85 countries, we believe in responsible industry leadership and a sustainable approach to business. Our motto, “PROTECTS WHAT’S GOOD™,” reflects our vision to make food safe and available, everywhere. More information about Tetra Pak is available at

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