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Friday, September 17th, 2021

The Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited’s credit of unpaid rights into CDS and dispatch of letters of right to physical shareholders

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Karachi: Please find enclosed herewith cutting of Notice of credit of Un-Paid Rights into CDS and dispatch of letters of Right to physical shareholders of the company published in following news papers, for your perusal and record:

1. “Pakistan Today”, Karachi and Lahore dated July 02, 2011.

2. “Daily Pakistan”, Karachi and Lahore dated July 02, 2011.

10% Right Shares at subscription price of Rs. 70 per share (Including Premium of Rs. 60)

Credit of Un-Paid Rights into CDS and Dispatch of Letters of Right to Physical shareholders

We are pleased to notify our shareholders that Un-paid right have been credit into their CDS Accounts with CDC in book entry form as per their entitlement @ 10% i.e. 1 share for every 10 shares held in their names as at close of business on June 22, 2011 and intimation letters about credit of Un-Paid Right into CDS have also been dispatched.

The Right Letter to shareholders holding shares in physical from have also been dispatch at their available address.

The last date of payment of subscription amount and other pertinent dates are as under


Activities Dates
Subscription of right offer start date July 01, 2011
Date of commencement of trading of Un-Paid right at Stock Exchange (S) July 08, 2011
Last date of trading of Un-paid right August 12, 2011
Last date of Subscription of right offer August 18, 2011
Date of credit of right shares Into CDS September 07, 2011
Date of Dispatch of physical shares certificates September 19, 2011

The payment to subscribe can be made by cash, or crossed cheque, or pay order, or bank draft to the credit of “JDW Sugar Mills Limited – Right Shares Subscription Account” in any branch of Habib Bank Limited within Pakistan.

CDC shareholders who opt to subscribe their Right are requested to please contact their broker or the CDC for the Right Subscription Request (RSR) as early as possible.

The shareholders holding shares of the company in physical form should please note that under the CDC applicable Right share procedures, the physical shareholder can renounce his/her letter of Right (LoR) by routing through his/her own CDS account to a shareholder who is the IAS account holder or sub account holder with CDC and no credit of Right Shares will be allowed in CDS against subscription of physical Letter of Right,

In case of Non-Resident Pakistani / Foreign shareholders, the demand draft of equivalent amount in PAK Rupees should be sent to the Company Secretary. JDW Sugar Mills Limited at 17-Abid Majeed Road, Lahore Cantt, Lahore, along with Right Subscription Request (both Coples) duly filled and signed by the subscriber (s) with certified copy of NICOP / Passport before the last date of payment.

For more information, contact:
Karachi Stock Exchange
Tel: +9221 111 001 122
Fax: +9221 3241 0825, +9221 3241 5136


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