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The Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited’s NOC for Release of Funds – 200% Right Issue

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Karachi: We arc pleased to annex herewith an original certificates issued by M/s KPMG Taseer Hadi and Company, Chartered Accountants bearing No.LA-IA-169-11 dated May 23, 2011 confirming that the Company has received the full subscription money of Rs. 577,500,000/- against the 200% Right Issue of 46,200,000 ordinary shares of Rs. 10/- each issued at Rs. 12.50 per share (inclusive of a premium of Rs. 2.50 per share) and corresponding increase in paid up capital of the Company from Rs. 231,000,000 to Rs. 693,000,000.

Tariq Glass Industries Limited Auditors’ certificate on subscription of right issue At the request of the Company we have examined the books of account and relevant records maintained by the Company regarding issue of right shares.

We report that the Company has received subscription money amounting to Rs. 577,500,000 against issue of 46,200,000 ordinary right shares of Rs. 10 each issued at Rs. 12.50 per share (inclusive of premium of Rs. 2.50 per share). After the said right issue, the paid up share capital of the Company will increase from Rs.231,000,000 to Rs. 693,000,000.

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