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The World’s First Socially Connected Smart Headphones to Hit the Market in 2013

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by July 30, 2013 General

– Muzik Set to Enhance the Way Consumers Connect, Discover and Share Music

MIAMI BEACH, Florida, July 29, 2013 / PRNewswire / Asianet-Pakistan– Today is the day the headphone becomes “smart” with the launch of Muzik, an innovative company inspired to transform the way music is experienced. Muzik, founded by disruptive innovator, Jason Hardi, is pioneering a new space called Social Smartware, coined to describe the seamless connection of consumer electronic devices, content and social media platforms to make music instantly discoverable and shareable in an effortless way. Muzik is launching a full line of smart audio products synced to their mobile Muzik ecosystem that will activate a new wave of innovation in the headphone space.

Muzik%20logo.  The Worlds First Socially Connected Smart Headphones to Hit the Market in 2013

Muzik logo.

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Muzik’s game-changing lineup includes their marquee product: the smart, on-ear wireless headphone that combines high-fidelity audio in a simple, elegant sleek design with groundbreaking capacitive touch controls. They are the first headphones in the world that allow users to natively share what they are listening to on Facebook and Twitter or instantly send a song anywhere in the world.

Muzik%20headphones%2C%20the%20worlds%20first%20smart%20wireless%20headphone.  The Worlds First Socially Connected Smart Headphones to Hit the Market in 2013

Muzik headphones, the world’s first smart wireless headphone.

“While the music industry has seen its challenges, technological advances have also created a world of opportunity, which Muzik is seizing to create an entirely new category,” said Jason Hardi, founder, president and CEO, Muzik. “Headphones will never again just be for listening to music or talking on the phone – our headphones will improve the way we socially discover, share, listen and experience music. In addition to music exploration, I look forward to working with the developer community to create amazing applications leveraging smart headphones.”

“After my last headphone project, I saw a lag in advancement and innovation within the headphone space, so I began to design a headphone that would bring forth real connectivity and feature controls to the consumer. As I was bringing Muzik to life, I knew I needed someone who understood my vision, had a sharp business acumen and keen understanding of the industry,” added Hardi. “John Cawley was a natural first choice given his distinguished track record of running multi-million dollar operations in entrepreneurial environments and a decade of experience in the music industry.”

Jason%20Hardi%2C%20Muzik%20Founder%20%26%20CEO.  The Worlds First Socially Connected Smart Headphones to Hit the Market in 2013

Jason Hardi, Muzik Founder & CEO.

John Cawley, Muzik’s Chief Strategy Officer and Vice Chairman, comes to Muzik after a successful stint as the COO for Music World Entertainment, best known as the management company for Beyonce and Destiny’s Child.

“We are not another headphone company in the audio space,” said Cawley. “We are a wearable technology company making smart headphones and accessories. Jason’s vision is genius and we were singularly focused on joining the ranks of the world’s most innovative companies — Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nike and Samsung — in one of today’s hottest sectors, wearable technology and connected devices.”

“We are very clear in our mission,” continued Cawley. “We will focus on product development and patent portfolio building as we continue to build state-of-the-art products with a compelling user experience.”

Together, Hardi and Cawley have built Muzik over the last year, created a robust hardware and software product lineup and recruited a powerhouse team that includes industry leaders, connected investors and forward thinking strategic partners who are driven to provide consumers an enhanced, interactive music listening experience.

John%20Cawley%2C%20Muzik%20Chief%20Strategy%20Officer%20and%20Vice%20Chairman.  The Worlds First Socially Connected Smart Headphones to Hit the Market in 2013

John Cawley, Muzik Chief Strategy Officer and Vice Chairman.

Muzik headphones and other related products will be publicly available in the fourth quarter of 2013. Presales for Muzik products will be announced shortly. Visit us at and through social media @MuzikOfficial


Muzik, founded by Jason Hardi, is a technology company pioneering a new space called Social Smartware. Muzik’s mission is to create the world’s smartest headphone, designed for Smart phones, which combines state of the art technology, with a robust software platform, which connects people through social media. Find Muzik online at and through social media @MuzikOfficial.



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