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Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Top priority to fault repair in industrial zones: Karachi Electric Supply Company

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Karachi: The Karachi Electric Supply Company has been facing all odds to maintain non-stop power supply to all five industrial zones in the City and there has been no change in the exemption policy of these areas from load shedding even amidst hostile and non-conducive atmosphere caused by CBA Union by carrying out subversive and disruptive attacks on the distribution and maintenance system.

Despite all the attacks and hurdles created by the CBA Union, the KESC has been rectifying faults in industrial zones in high security situation. On Saturday, all complaints in the industrial zones had been attended to. At places where maintenance work was still in progress, the power supply had been restored through back feeding from the nearest source. The KESC appreciates the protection provided by the law enforcement agencies in this noble cause and demands enhanced security at all its offices and maintenance centres in order to allow the utility’s employees to perform their responsibilities in a tension-free and relaxed atmosphere.

The KESC understands well the importance of keeping the industrial wheel moving and top priority has been given to the repair of local faults in industrial areas even though there have been great hardships caused by CBA Union and its external armed connivers. The power utility has been supplying uninterrupted electricity to all industrial zones on round the clock basis and there have been no unscheduled outages or load shedding in these areas at all.

The CBA Union’s miscreants in fact have specifically been targeting the KESC offices and maintenance system in industrial areas with an obvious aim to halt the wheel of economy for its nefarious designs. The CBA Union hooligans have so far physically manhandled and injured three KESC assistant executive engineers outside the offices of Korangi Model Industrial Zone, blocked all repair and maintenance work in SITE area and even chased the KESC officers who wanted to be on duty while taking shelter in the offices of SITE Association. The office-bearers of SITE Association had also received threats from the CBA gangsters for forcing the KESC officers out of that place. The CBA Union hooligans also attacked and threatened two supervisors in Korangi area who were on duty to rectify local faults.

The KESC has reiterated its stance of continuing to serve the industrial and commercial hub of the country up to its best abilities and dedication. The KESC has assured the industrial consumers that all efforts would be made to support industrial activity in the City in the best interest of the country and the Metropolis.

The utility has also asked the businesses and trade companies to realize the negative situation created by CBA Union and its external armed connivers to block repair and maintenance work in order to put the City dwellers into trouble and said that the commercial consumers needed to demonstrate patience and tolerance in this situation. With the gradual return of the absent employees on the call of KESC’s CEO, the utility is fully hopeful that the backlog of complaints in business and commercial areas would soon be cleared.

For more information, contact:
Adil Murtaza
Assistant Manager, Media and PR
Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited (KESC)
2nd Floor, State Life Building No 11,
Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar, Karachi
Tel: +9221 9920 7163
Cell: +92346 822 3641


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