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Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Two-day khutbat at Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre from May 25

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Lahore: Punjab University Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre (SZIC) will organize two-day Tausee’i Khutbat from May 25-26 in the Centre’s auditorium. Former Chief Editor Islamic Research Institute Islamabad Prof Dr Safeer Akhtar will address on “Barr-e-Saghir Me Mutala Uloom-e-Islamia” on first day. Dean PU Faculty of Islamic Studies Prof Dr Hafiz Mahmood Akhtar will preside over first session on “Barr-e-Saghir Me Mutala Uloom-e-Qurania” while former Director SZIC Prof Dr Jamila Shaukat will preside over second session on “Barr-e-Saghir Me Mutala Uloom-e-Hadith.”

On second day May 26, former Director Idara Saqafat-e-Islamia Lahore Ishaq Bhatti will preside over sessions on “Barr-e-Saghir Me Mutala Uloom-e-Fiqa” and “Barr-e-Saghir Me Mutala Adyan-o-Mazahib.”

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