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Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Two-day Seerat conference concludes at Punjab University

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Lahore : The two-day national Seerat Conference titled “Aman-e-Aalam Aur Uswa-e-Hasna … Asri Tahayydat-o-Masail,” organized by the Department of Islamic Studies, concluded here at New Campus on Wednesday. Senior scholars, directors and literary personalities around the country presented their key papers during the conference. Dr Dost Muhammad, Dr Ehsan-ul-Haq, Dr Sanaullah Bhutto, Dr Ashraf Shaheen, Dr Baqar Khan Khakwani, Dr Noor-ud-Din Jami, Dr Abdul Quddus, Dr Abdul Rauf Zafar, Dr Mumtaz Ahmad Salik, Dr Ghulam Ali Khan, Dr M Hammad Lakhvi, Dr M Saad Siddiqui, Dr Ishtiaq Gondal, Prof M Azmat, Prof Mian Akram, senior columnist Haroon-ur-Rashid, Haroon Kokan from Turkey and Dr Akhtar from Jamia Millia Delhi presented their papers on the occasion.

The speakers stressed that Islam was the religion of peace and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also preached peace and harmony. By following the teachings of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), peace could be established in the world. They stressed the Muslim Ummah to stand united for justice and peace. They said the Muslims of around the world should stop grouping and should follow the teachings of Islam and peace would be there. For this purpose they should utilize the channels of education, media, social system, solidarity and moral characteristics. The speakers aid the West and Islam-against forces had been violating the boundaries of freedom, sovereignty of other countries and had been a cause of peace, but making continuous efforts to achieve their targets by alleging week countries as a cause of disturbance. The participants also condemned the biased role of United Nations. Recommendations were also prepared at the end of conference and decided to publish it. It was also decided to publish all the paper presented in the conference in the special issue of Department’s research journal “Al-Qalam.” It was also decided to organize women Seerat conference under the head of Dr Tahir Basharat.

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