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Water and Power Development Authority plans upgradation of 1000-MW Mangla Power Station

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Lahore: With a view to optimal utilization of hydropower resources in the country, Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has awarded contract to carry out feasibility study for up-gradation of the 1000-MW Mangla Power Station.

A Rs.164 million contract, awarded to a joint venture of two renowned consulting firms namely MWH (USA) and NESPAK (Pakistan), aims at assessing the existing operating conditions, studying various options for refurbishment of electro-mechanical equipment and recommending the most viable option for up-gradation of the power station. The study will be completed in October 2011.

Mangla Power Station up-gradation is a part of two-pronged strategy being implemented by WAPDA on priority to overcome energy shortage in the country and maximize the ratio of low-cost hydel electricity in the National Grid. Through this strategy, WAPDA is not only constructing a number of mega projects but is also engaged in up-gradation and rehabilitation of its aged power stations.

It is pertinent to mention that Mangla Dam Project, completed in 1967, is located on river Jhelum about 120 kilometers from Islamabad. Power House of the project, comprising 10 generating units of 100 MW each, was completed in four stages. The initial phase consisting of 4 units was completed in 1967-69. The first extension was materialized in 1974 with the addition of unit No. 5 and 6 and the second extension of two more units i.e. unit No. 7 and 8 in 1981. The Power House attained its maximum capacity of 1000 MW with the final extension of Unit No. 9 and10 in 1993-94. During high reservoir level period, Mangla Power House is able to generate 1150 MW against the rated capacity of 1000 MW due to permissible overloading of 15 per cent.

WAPDA planned up-gradation of the existing Mangla Power House on two counts. These include aging factor of the electro-mechanical equipment and more water availability as a result of the raised Mangla Dam. This is worth-mentioning that the dam infrastructure has been raised by another 30 feet. Raising of the dam has made 2.9 million acre feet additional water available in the reservoir for irrigation-cum-generation purpose. Based on the preliminary studies, the generation capacity of Mangla Power Station is likely to increase by about 200 MW.

Besides up-gradation of Mangla Power House, 22-MW Jabban Power House is also being rehabilitated at a cost of Rs. 3.7 billion. In addition, the contract for rehabilitation and up-gradation of 243-MW Warsak Power House will also be finalized soon.

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