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Thursday, February 25th, 2021

World Accreditation Day will go a long way to provide accreditation services to testing, inspection bodies and medical laboratories: Minister

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Islamabad, June 14, 2012 (PPI-OT): Federal minister for Science and Technology Mir Changez Khan Jamali has said that World Accreditation Day will go a long way to provide accreditation services to testing, inspection bodies and medical laboratories in the country.

While addressing at the World Accreditation Day here on Thursday. Federal Minister said that this year’s theme of Accreditation “Supporting Safe Food and clean Drinking Water” carries special importance for developing countries like Pakistan where clean drinking water quality of food items remains areas of concern.

He said that Food and water supply chains were changing rapidly due to greater urbanization, technological advances in processing and treatment techniques, changes in consumer demand and testes, and ever more globalization of supply chains.

“The consumers in the developed world take keen interest in the origin of the food they eat or the source or mineral content of a bottle of water. They usually also have concerns about the environmental impact or the trading ethics of the products they consume,” the minister said.

State Minister for Science and Technology said on the occasion that with hundreds of lives lost every year as a result of unhygienic and unsafe food and water borne diseases, there is an urgent need to enhance awareness about the need for a multilayered safety management mechanism to ensure availability of safe food and water at affordable price to the people.

“Pakistan National Accreditations Council (PNAC) for celebrating this day which must have helped to promote and raise awareness on the importance of accreditation and value accreditation services offered by PNAC,” State minister said, adding that I am also sure that the business community would benefit from these for their credibility towards conformity assessment.

Federal Secretary Ministry of Science and Technology Akhalaq Ahmed Tarar said that the government has taken a number of initiatives under its strategic Vision 2030, which focuses on sustainable agriculture to ensure food security, rural livelihood contributing towards economic development of Pakistan.

The government also attaches priority to provision of safe drinking water as a fundamental human right and has formulated National Drinking Water Policy to provide adequate quantity of safe drinking water to the entire population and affordable cost and in an equitable, efficient and sustainable manner.

On this occasion, Director General Pakistan National Accreditations Counsel Anjum Bashir said that Pakistan has been celebrating World Accreditation Day since 2009 regularly, whereas the World Accreditation Day is being celebrated since 2008. The day is celebrated around the world to create awareness about the importance of accreditation in protecting the consumers’ rights by ensuring safety of products and services.

“This year’s theme of “Accreditation: Supporting safe food and clean drinking water” is very important for the whole humanity but more so for the developing countries, where availability of Food and clean water remains major concern,” Anjum Bashir added.

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