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AI-Based Weather Forecast Startup Targets Rs. 500 Million Funding for Expansion

by November 23, 2021 Affairs

An emerging startup ‘Weatherwalay’ is working on a state-of-the-art weather forecasting system in Pakistan that aims to ensure 95 percent accurate forecasting.

Accurate weather forecasts, made through this system of weather data collection with the help of data points in terms of climatic zones in Pakistan, will help Pakistan deal with the effects of climate change, which causes annual losses of billions of rupees.

Weatherwalay has started deploying Automated Weather Stations (AWS) to obtain accurate weather data. The pilot project has been completed in Rawalpindi and Islamabad with 18 to 20 AWS.

The results of the pilot project of the system, based on the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze weather data, have been very encouraging.

The young entrepreneurs who introduced the startups say that this system will radically change the landscape of weather forecasting in Pakistan and the general public will also be able to participate in compiling accurate weather data.

In its next phase, after the twin cities, the Pothohar area has been selected where AWS will be installed in +45 climate zones.

This phase will be completed in three months. After the Pothohar region, the range of weather stations will be extended to the rest of Pakistan and about 420 AWS will be installed in a period of one and half years. Eventually, Weatherwalay aims to extend this number to approximately 1,000 AWS.

The startup will raise Rs. 500 million by round A funding after the completion of the first phase to scale up the weather data collection system countrywide.

They also added that besides the capital already raised, “we are in close collaborations with not-for-profit organizations and government departments that shall give us access to local, national, and international funds and grants. Additionally, national and international venture capitalists have also taken a keen interest in this initiative for Pakistan”.

Equipped with the capability to collect and analyze verifiable weather data, the system will create an ecosystem for understanding the weather and the environment in the country, including local weather monitoring representatives who will be monetized on a monthly basis.

In addition, the technical team is also looking into data being retrieved through moving devices such as digital devices installed in vehicles, smartphones, while a network of weather systems will be set up across the country.

Individual weather data providers will also be able to install weather systems and as a partner, in the ecosystem, they can get handsome monthly earning. These weather systems and digital data collection devices will collect real-time weather data from across the country which will be analyzed and forecast/nowcast will be provided to the subscribers through mobile applications or interfaces.

Accurate weather forecasts and information on a specific sector or area will be provided on a business-to-customer and business-to-business basis. The API will provide services to organizations and industries interested in exclusive analysis. The general public shall have free access to basic information.

Source: Pro Pakistani