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Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

Masood Khan urges Pakistani-American entrepreneurs to invest in Pakistan’s education sector

by September 13, 2022 Study

Ambassador of Pakistan to United States Masood Khan says recent flood and massive devastation in Pakistan is a consequence of climate change and this phenomenon is going to grow whether it is Pakistan or any other country in South Asia or the world.

He expressed these views while addressing an event organized by the Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs (OPEN) Global in Washington D.C.

Ambassador Masood Khan briefed the Pakistani-American entrepreneurs about the serious perils of erratic climate change that was threatening the nations across the globe.

The Ambassador also briefed the charter members of OPEN Global about the flood situation in Pakistan and its impact on the education sector of Pakistan.

He requested the Pakistani-American entrepreneurs for their focus, energy and investments in education sector of Pakistan.

On this occasion, CEO of Developments in Literacy Fiza Shah briefed the participants about the work being done by her organization for improvement in education in Pakistan.

Ambassador Masood Khan thanked the participants for their support, solidarity and humanitarian assistance to Pakistan.

Source: Radio Pakistan