Pakistan’s US diaspora dependable asset, binding force b/w two countries: Masood Khan

Pakistan’s Ambassador to United States Masood Khan says vibrant and successful Pakistani diaspora is a dependable asset and binding force between the two countries

He made these remarks at the Annual Retreat of Dow Graduate Association of North America (DOGANA) in Washington, D.C.

He appealed to Pakistani-American community to wholeheartedly contribute in flood relief operations in Pakistan.

Masood Khan apprised the audience of the widespread destruction caused by the unprecedented floods in Pakistan and the requirements for assistance for the rehabilitation of the affected people and infrastructure.

He urged Pakistani-American physicians to come forward and play their role in the national development of Pakistan.

He particularly urged the youth to take lead in lifting the profile of growing Pakistani diaspora in the United States and assured them of Embassy’s continued cooperation.

The Ambassador also apprised the audience about the ongoing processes for continued placement of Pakistani doctors in the United States and assured them complete cooperation and support.

While appreciating the role and support of Ambassador Khan, President of DOGANA thanked Pakistan’s Ambassador and the Embassy for their proactive role in engaging the community.

Source: Radio Pakistan