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PMDC Stops Medical Colleges from Demanding Next Year’s Annual Fee

The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMandDC) has directed all the medical and dental colleges across the country not to demand next year’s (session) annual fee from students in advance.

The directive was issued on Thursday by the PMandDC. It added that the “tuition fee is due and payable by a student on promotion to the next year, after having passed their professional exam.”

The council made it clear that no student can be forced to pay the fee before being promoted to the next year i.eafter results are officially announced. Colleges have been allowed to generate a fee challan for the fee payable for the next year in advance before the student’s professional exam’s result and promotion to the next year.

However, they have been ordered against imposing delayed payment charges or any other penalty, including the right of the student to sit in the professional exam.

Additionally, medical and dental colleges have been authorized to permit students to pay fees on a monthly basis if the colleges decide to start classes for next year and grant provisional access to students before the exam results are announced. Such a payment arrangement can continue until the announcement of the results, the PMandDC stated.

Students have been advised to file a complaint with the PMandDC in case any college makes a demand which is against the directions. Colleges have been warned that strict action will be taken against them under the relevant provision of the PMandDC Act, 2022.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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