Eagle Eye Networks Forecasts Key Video Surveillance Trends for 2022

Businesses are turning to video surveillance to help them adapt and thrive amidst sustained disruptions and changes in the business environment

2022 Trends in Video Surveillance Report Released Today

The 2022 Trends in Video Surveillance report released today is a forecast for business leaders and owners who want to understand the physical security landscape and plan for success in 2022. The report is produced annually by Eagle Eye Networks.

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Eagle Eye Networks, the global leader in cloud video surveillance, today released the 2022 edition of its annual Trends in Video Surveillance ebook, a forecast for business leaders and owners who want to understand the physical security landscape and plan for success in 2022.

“Almost two years into the global pandemic, businesses have experienced sustained disruptions in the supply chain, labor shortage challenges, and vast changes in workplace routines,” said Dean Drako, Eagle Eye Networks CEO. “Business owners’ reliance on video surveillance is increasing because the security and operational insights provided by video surveillance are helping them adapt to the new business environment. Concurrently, the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) combined with cloud video surveillance promises better, faster, and more accurate analytics for security and business optimization. We expect businesses to rely even more on cloud-based AI analytics to help them thrive in 2022.”

To learn what the following five trends mean for your business, and more insights, download the free 2022 Trends in Video Surveillance ebook here.

Video Surveillance Trends for 2022:

  1. Businesses want the flexibility to add customized analytics to their video surveillance systems.
  2. Video surveillance will help businesses impacted by the labor shortage do more with less.
  3. More customers are understanding the business intelligence value of video surveillance.
  4. Pandemic trends around remote work and home and curbside delivery are here to stay.
  5. Interoperability is key to data management and security.

Eagle Eye Networks is the global leader in cloud video surveillance, delivering cyber-secure cloud-based video with artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to make businesses more efficient and the world a safer place. The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (video management system) is the only platform robust and flexible enough to power the future of video surveillance and intelligence. Eagle Eye is based in Austin, Texas with offices in Amsterdam, Bangalore, and Tokyo. Learn more at een.com.

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‫گوانگ ژو نینشا میں ایشیا یوتھ لیڈرز فورم (اے وائی ایل ایف) 2021 کا کامیاب انعقاد ہوا

گوانگ ژو، چین، 30 نومبر 2021 /ژن ہوا-ایشیانیٹ/– ایشیا یوتھ لیڈرز فورم (اے وائی ایل ایف) 2021، “اوپن اینڈ انوویٹ – ہمارے نوجوانوں کی طاقت کے ذریعے ایشیا کے مستقبل کی آ بیاری” کے موضوع پر 26 سے 29 نومبر 2021 کو گوانگ ژو کے ضلع نینشا میں کامیابی سے منعقد کیا گیا جس میں آن لائن اور آف لائن دونوں کے ذریعے ایشیا بھر سے تقریبا 300 نوجوان رہنماؤں نے شرکت کی۔ “ایشیا یوتھ ڈویلپمنٹ انیشی ایٹو 2021” کا آغاز اے آئی ایل ایف کے سیکرٹری جنرل لیو ہائی جیانگ نے کیا۔ فورم میں، شرکاء نے ٹیکنالوجی انوویشن اور اسمارٹ سٹی، ثقافت، جسمانی تعلیم اور سیاحت کی ترقی، بین الاقوامی مالیات اور سرمایہ کاری تعاون، بین الاقوامی تجارت اور کنکٹنگ ایشیا ، ہیلتھ کیئر اینڈ چیرٹی سے لے کر گوانگ ڈونگ – ہانگ کانگ – مکاؤ گریٹر بے ایریا کوآپریشن اینڈ ڈویلپمنٹ جیسے موضوعات پر تفصیلی  تبادلہ خیال کیا گیا جس کے نتیجے میں وسیع اتفاق رائے پیدا ہوئی۔

“ایشیا یوتھ ڈویلپمنٹ انیشی ایٹو 2021” درج ذیل تھا:

آج کے نوجوان ایشیا کا مستقبل ہیں۔ ممالک کے درمیان ثقافتی تبادلوں اور باہمی افہام و تفہیم کے فروغ میں مشترکہ کوششوں سے نوجوان ہمارے مشترکہ گھر ایشیا کی مزید ترقی میں بہت بڑا تعاون کریں گے۔ یہ ایشیا اور دنیا کے مستقبل کے ساتھ ساتھ بنی نوع انسان کی فلاح و بہبود کے لئے بڑی اہمیت کا حامل ہے۔

ہم تجویز کرتے ہیں کہ ایشیائی نوجوانوں کو کثیر الجہتی جذبے کو برقرار رکھنا چاہئیے مواصلات کو مستحکم کرنا چاہئیے، تعاون میں اضافہ کرنا چاہئیے اور کھلے ذہن کے ساتھ مشاورت، تعاون اور مشترکہ فوائد کے تصور پر عمل کرتے ہوئے جیت کے تعاون کے حصول کے مواقع شیئر کرنے چاہئیں۔ نوجوانوں کو اپنی ذمہ داری لینی چاہئے اور ایشیا کی بحالی میں اپنے عزم کا احترام کرنا چاہئیے۔

سائنس اور تعلیم، سیاحت اور ثقافت، طبی دیکھ بھال کے شعبوں میں جدت طرازی کے ساتھ ساتھ تبادلے اور ممالک کے درمیان تعاون کو فروغ دینے کے لئے مل کر کام کرتے ہوئے ہم یکجہتی، ترقی اور خوشحالی کا ایشیا تعمیر کریں گے۔

ہم تجویز کرتے ہیں کہ ایشیائی نوجوانوں کو تکنیکی اختراعات میں تعاون کو مستحکم کرنے کی کوشش کرنی چاہئیے تاکہ بنی نوع انسان کی مجموعی دولت میں اضافہ کیا جاسکے، سماجی تنازعات کو کم کیا جاسکے اور انسانی تہذیب کی ترقی اور مشترکہ چیلنجوں سے نمٹنے کی عالمی کوششوں میں زیادہ سے زیادہ تعاون کیا جاسکے۔

ہم تجویز کرتے ہیں کہ ایشیائی نوجوانوں کو انسانی صحت کو درپیش مشترکہ چیلنجوں مثلا ناول کورونا وائرس کا سامنا کرنے کے لئے متحد ہونا چاہئیے۔ ہمیں اس وبا کے خلاف لڑتے وقت تعاون کے راستے پر چلنا چاہئے اور عالمی صحت عامہ کی سلامتی کی حکمرانی کو تقویت دینی چاہئے اور کوویڈ-19 وبا پر سیاست کرنے یا غلط لیبل لگانے کی کوششوں کی مخالفت کرنی چاہئیے۔

ہم تجویز کرتے ہیں کہ ایشیائی نوجوانوں کو کھیلوں کے مقابلوں میں شامل بنی نوع انسان کی روحانیت کو مکمل طور پر اجاگر کرنا چاہئیے، بیجنگ وِنٹَر اولمپکس جیسے بڑے پیمانے پر کھیلوں کے مقابلوں میں بڑھ چڑھ کر حصہ لینا چاہئیے اور ایشیائی نوجوانوں کی متحرکیت اور ایک کھلے، جامع اور ترقی پسند ایشیا کے تصویر کو دنیا کے سامنے دکھانا چاہیئے۔

ہم تجویز کرتے ہیں کہ ایشیائی نوجوانوں کو فطرت کا احترام اور تحفظ کا احساس پیدا کرنا چاہیئے، سبز، کم کاربن اور پائیدار ترقی کے راستے پر عمل کرنا چاہئے، مشترکہ کوششوں سے اپنے وطن کی حفاظت کرنی چاہئیے اور بنی نوع انسان کے مشترکہ مستقبل کے ساتھ ایک کمیونٹی کی تعمیر کے لئے نوجوانوں کی طاقت میں حصہ ڈالنا چاہئیے۔

ماخذ: ایشیا یوتھ لیڈرز فورم (اے وائی  ایل ایف) 2021

Deadline to apply for Ehsaas scholarship extended

The Government has extended the last date to submit scholarship applications under Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Programme till 31st of next month.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Dr Sania Nishtar, in a statement, said the decision has been made to enable maximum number of deserving students to apply for this opportunity.

The Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarships are targeted at students from low-income families earning less than 45,000 rupees a month and marginalized regions to assist them in their undergraduate studies.

Source: Radio Pakistan

Abid Ali Joins An Elite List After Record-Breaking Test

Pakistan’s Test opener, Abid Ali, has joined an elite list of Pakistani batters to score a century and 90 runs in both innings of a Test match. Abid is the seventh Pakistani batter to achieve the feat in Test cricket history and is the first Pakistani batter in seven years to achieve a remarkable landmark.

Previously, the likes of Hanif Mohammad, Zaheer Abbas, Mohsin Khan, Saeed Anwar, Younis Khan, and Mohammad Hafeez had achieved the feat of scoring a 100 and 90 in both innings of a Test match.

Abid scored 133 in the first innings and 91 in the second innings as Pakistan convincingly beat Bangladesh by 8 wickets in the first Test of the series. Abid was named as player of the match for his brilliant performance in the Test match.

The 34-year old led the run-chase for Pakistan in the fourth innings and scored an exquisite half-century, his third in a short career. Previously, Abid had scored an exceptional century in the first innings to register his fourth Test century.

Source: Pro Pakistani

Pakistan to Provide Foolproof Security to West Indies Team

The preparations for the upcoming series between Pakistan and West Indies are in full swing in Karachi with the foolproof security blueprint already conveyed to the concerned authorities.

According to details, the home department of Sindh called a meeting on Monday to discuss the security arrangements for the West Indies tour of Pakistan and has advised the law enforcement agencies to implement the tightest security arrangement possible.

Karachi’s Additional Inspector General (AIG) of Special Branch, AIG Operations, and DIG Security were present during the meeting that included officials from law enforcement agencies as well. Additional security will be provided to the West Indies squad as Special Security Unit commandos and lady commandos along with officers from other forces will be deployed to provide security to the players.

DIG Security, Maqsood Ahmed Memon, revealed that the security forces will also deploy sharpshooters in sensitive spots to provide foolproof security to the visiting team.

West Indies are scheduled to tour the country in the second week of December to play a three-match T20I series and a three-match ODI series. All six matches will be played at National Stadium, Karachi. The first match of the tour will be played on 13 December as the two teams kickstart the tour with the first T20I.

The three-match ODI series will be a part of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Super League and both teams will be determined to gain the maximum points and climb up the table in order to qualify for the 2023 ICC ODI Cricket World Cup, scheduled to be played in India.

Source: Pro Pakistani

Karachi Kings to Remove Imad Wasim as Captain

Pakistan’s all-format captain, Babar Azam, is expected to assume charge of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) franchise, Karachi Kings, for the seventh edition of the competition. According to the rumor mill, Babar will replace Imad Wasim as captain of the franchise.

Although it is not official yet, the social media team of Karachi Kings hinted at a big announcement last night. It remains to be seen what they actually say, however, ProPakistani understands that it will be about the captaincy change.

Babar has been a part of the Karachi Kings squad from the second edition of PSL and has been the most prolific scorer not only for the franchise but the league overall as well. Babar was previously a part of Islamabad United in the first edition of the tournament but could only manage to play two matches before being traded to Karachi Kings in the following season.

The 27-year old was the leading run-scorer in PSL 5, scoring 473 runs at an average of 59.12 in 11 innings. He was instrumental in his team’s title-winning campaign and was named as the player of the tournament.

The flamboyant batter has amassed 2,070 runs at an average of 43.12 and a strike rate of 121.55 in 56 innings in PSL history.

Babar was named as the national team’s captain last year and has since been brilliant both in terms of leadership and his own performances. He recently led Pakistan to their first semi-final in the T20 World Cup since 2012 and was named as captain of ICC’s most valuable team of the tournament.

Babar’s imminent announcement as captain of Karachi Kings will bring Imad’s four-year captaincy reign to an end. Imad is Karachi’s most successful captain since the league’s inception and led them to their only title in PSL 5.

Source: Pro Pakistani

News Reports About PSL 7’s Delay Are Fake

The seventh edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) will go as scheduled without any delay, a source in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said on Tuesday.

The PCB had earlier announced that the marquee tournament will start late in January 2022, instead of its conventional slot of February-March due to the home series against Australia.

Refuting the media reports that suggested the league could be delayed by a week or so, the source said that there was no such proposal under consideration and that the league would go ahead as planned.

Speaking about the PSL 7 draft, the source said that the cricket board was working out a slot before the West Indies home series, and hoped to organize the draft in the second week of December.

Earlier, media reports had suggested that the start of the seventh season of PSL could be delayed as the PSL management was facing difficulties in players’ registration.

“The PSL’s management was facing difficulties in players’ registration as most of the players will be busy in a foreign league on the dates proposed for the PSL 7 draft. The league could be delayed for a few days,” a media outlet had said quoting PCB sources.

Note that the draft for PSL 7 was earlier expected to take place in the first week of December, which could now be postponed by a week.

Source: Pro Pakistani

Vernon Philander Shares a Heartfelt Message for Pakistan Team in Urdu

Former South African fast bowler, Vernon Philander, has thanked Pakistani players and team management for their love and support during his short stint as the team’s bowling consultant.

Philander, who was appointed alongside the head coach, Saqlain Mushtaq, and batting consultant, Matthew Hayden, on an interim basis ahead of the T20 World Cup, had to leave Pakistan’s camp on the fourth day of the first Test match between Pakistan and Bangladesh.

His contract was due to expire by the end of November, but he had to leave early amid fears of travel restrictions due to the Omicron variant of the coronavirus discovered in his home country last week.

The former fast bowler wrote a heartfelt message in Urdu to thank the team management and players.

“My last two months with the Pakistan cricket team, which started from Lahore before the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, have been wonderful. During this time all the players gave an excellent response and the team management encouraged me a lot,” Philander wrote on Twitter.

Earlier Matthew Hayden, who had left the side right after the T20 World Cup, had sent his heartiest wishes for the team.

The Australian batting great, who was excused from extending his contract after the mega event due to prior commitments, wrote a heartfelt note on Twitter in Urdu.

“Assalam o alaikum Pakistan! I am serving the mandatory quarantine in Brisbane at the moment but my heart is beating for all the players and support staff of the Pakistan cricket team in Dhaka,” he wrote on Twitter.

It is worth mentioning that the cricket board had appointed this interim coaching set up after former head coach, Misbah-ul-Haq, and bowling coach, Waqar Younis, had stepped down just a month before the T20 World Cup.

Source: Pro Pakistani