Citeline and Norstella Unite to Offer Life Sciences Clients a Full Suite of Commercial and Clinical Solutions

The new organization will help life sciences companies improve strategic decision-making and accelerate the mission of smoothing access to therapy from pipeline to patient

Yardley, PA, June 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Norstella, an organization that helps life sciences companies navigate the complexities of the drug life cycle, and Citeline (formerly Pharma Intelligence)—a leading provider of specialist intelligence, data and software for clinical trials, drug development and regulatory compliance—have announced an agreement to merge the companies.

By uniting Norstella, which is comprised of four prominent pharmaceutical solutions providers—EvaluateMMITPanalgo and The Dedham Group—with Citeline, the combined company will be well positioned to help life sciences companies reach patients faster by providing clients with the intelligence and answers they need from early clinical development through to commercialization. This move reflects the shared goal of becoming an end-to-end solution provider, helping patients access life-saving therapies.

As life sciences companies drive innovation toward more specialized therapeutics across all disease areas including oncology and rare disease, and patient populations become more targeted, they need to make critical decisions about how to bring the right drugs to market, how to construct clinical trials leveraging the latest innovations in real-world data and data science—and with end points that consider future payer reimbursement decisions—and, ultimately, how to reach patients in need.

“Accelerating innovation and ensuring that every patient gets the therapy that they need is our North Star,” said Norstella CEO Mike Gallup. “By bringing clinical and commercial intelligence together—along with real-world data—the combined company will be well positioned to deliver on its mission.”

Together, Norstella and Citeline will play a critical role in helping pharmaceutical manufacturers plan for and overcome barriers to access, not just during clinical trials but at every stage in the drug development life cycle. Citeline’s solutions, including its portfolio of clinical trial products, provide insights that improve the speed and efficiency of clinical trials and reduce risk. Now, the Citeline solutions—along with MMIT’s PAR data and other complementary Norstella data assets—can be powered by Panalgo’s Instant Health Data Analytics platform to provide transformative answers that will improve workflow and decision-making and, ultimately, help products get to market and to patients quicker than ever before.

“At Citeline, our mission is to accelerate the connection of treatments to patients and patients to treatments. Ultimately, this marriage of commercial and clinical capabilities will advance the mission and enable the pharmaceutical C-suite to manage portfolio strategy like never before,” said Ramsey Hashem, CEO, and Jay Nadler, Executive Chair, of Citeline. “This includes deciding which drug to bring to market, what new indications to pursue for a drug and how to target patients for clinical trials more quickly and with reduced cost. And now, this includes understanding how to design clinical trials that yield the types of data that payers need to make appropriate reimbursement and formulary decisions.”

“It’s about making a difference in the lives of patients,” said Gallup. “This move will help us make our vision of a more innovative, accessible healthcare marketplace a reality.”

The merger is expected to close in the second half of 2022 subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals.

About Norstella
At Norstella, our mission is simple: to help patients gain access to life-saving therapies. Norstella consists of several prominent organizations—Evaluate, MMIT, Panalgo and The Dedham Group—that have united to offer a full range of pharmaceutical consultancy services and solutions. As one organization, Norstella provides life sciences clients with the right tools and expertise to navigate complexities at each step of the drug development life cycle, from pipeline to patient. For more information, visit Norstella and follow on LinkedIn.

About Citeline
Citeline (formerly Pharma Intelligence) powers a full suite of complementary business intelligence offerings to meet the evolving needs of health science professionals to accelerate the connection of treatments to patients and patients to treatments. These patient-focused solutions and services deliver and analyze data used to drive clinical, commercial, and regulatory related-decisions and create real-world opportunities for growth.

Our global teams of analysts, journalists and consultants keep their fingers on the pulse of the pharmaceutical, biomedical and medtech industries, covering it all with expert insights: key diseases, clinical trials, drug R&D and approvals, market forecasts and more. For more information on one of the world’s most trusted health science partners, visit Citeline.

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Nansha Offers Glimpse of GBA’s Commitment to Quality Development

GUANGZHOU, China, June 27, 2022 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/–At the heart of southern China’s Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) is Nansha, which also stands next to the two special administrative regions (SARs). A recently released Master Plan of Guangzhou Nansha on Deepening Comprehensive Cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao with Global Perspective was briefed at a press conference held by China’s State Council Information Office on June 24.

Nansha has favorable geographical conditions, with broad development space and solid industrial foundation. Under the strong desire for cooperation and development, Nansha enjoys unique advantages in promoting all-round cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, said Guo Lanfeng, a member of the Leading Party Members Group of the National Development and Reform Commission of China.

Among China’s most open regions, the economically dynamic GBA epitomizes how the country aligns its open economic system with the world on its path to a higher level of global monetary cooperation, driving greater GBA-led coordination among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao are Nansha, Qianhai in Shenzhen, and Hengqin in Zhuhai. The ambitious plan for Nansha marked another significant milestone in building the GBA with high quality. The district comes under the spotlight again after decades of development, according to Nansha District People’s Government of Guangzhou City.

The plan stressed a need for Nansha to step up the building of industrial cooperation bases for sci-tech innovation, according to the press conference. Beyond that, the district was required to bolster Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao joint efforts for sci-tech innovation through the launch of major latforms for this purpose and to grow the high-tech industry by drawing high-caliber personnel with a global perspective. Moreover, the plan stated that to make Nansha a magnet for firms and talent in high technology, the Startup Zone-based enterprises in the industries encouraged by the state will be entitled to the corporate income tax at the reduced rate of 15%, and the individual income of Hong Kong and Macao citizens working in Nansha will be exempt from tax increases. Furthermore, Nansha unveiled a swathe of measures for promoting the development of the semiconductor and integrated circuit industries. As such, the pilot free trade area will offer support on nine fronts, ranging from launching major projects and financing businesses to moving up the integrated circuit industrial chain and subsidizing the uses of electricity in production to encouraging automotive-grade standards among companies.

Nansha is now home to over 400 artificial intelligence (AI) companies as it connects the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Corridor to its counterpart linking Zhuhai with Macao.

“The main reason we started a business in Nansha is that the district has created enough synergy among industries, universities, and research institutes for AI growth,” said Cao Tiantian, co-founder of DeepMirror, a spatial-intelligence developer.

Over the recent years, a wealth of outstanding research institutes and advanced large-scale scientific facilities have grown in Nansha, aiming to spur growth in basic science and cutting-edge technology, among others. These newcomers will benefit from the strengths of the innovation and technology base in Qingsheng and the 99-square-kilometer Nansha Science City, which remains under construction. “With its recent momentum in sci-tech innovation, Nansha starts demonstrating strength as a late starter,” noted Fu Zhengping, director of the Institute of Free Trade Zones, Sun Yat-sen University.

A magnet of top global tech companies, Silicon Valley, enjoys much more significant influence than the San Francisco Bay Area. Global cities aspire to become its strongest rival. In Nansha, the uplifting silver lining is that youth from across the world find it an ideal place to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

Founded in 2017, TIMETABLE, a Nansha-based business incubator for youth from the GBA, has helped more than 40 Hong Kong and Macao startups innovate and develop. It is designed to offer incubation services to grow fields such as digital technology and entertainment and new types of consumption and retail.

“For those aspiring to start a business, an opportune time and an enabling climate can’t be more important,” said TIMETABLE’s founder Wu Jiahui, “the technology-forward GBA provides tremendous market opportunities and sees an unfettered flow of production factors beyond a full range of supporting entrepreneurial services and an unmatched business environment that Nansha has to offer. All this makes the district a good choice for Hong Kong and Macao entrepreneurs.”

Besides development opportunities, a modernized urban environment also holds the key to retaining talent. As an integral component of a city’s “soft power”, the smart city campaign puts the GBA on a faster growth track. And Nansha is showing its bright side as people’s livelihoods are being empowered by innovative technologies, ranging from big data to cloud computing.

According to a leader for Nansha’s smart city program, the district is moving toward a more caring and intelligent destination. That means it will lay the solid groundwork for the perception of universal urban data and build a hub for all smart operations. In so doing, an inclusive system designed to make education, healthcare, and elderly care services more tech-driven and accessible is set to be in place, and services to Hong Kong and Macao citizens, as well as professionals from the rest of the world, will be further modernized.

Source: Nansha District People’s Government of Guangzhou City

عملی دنیا کے لیے نظام ِتعلیم میں تبدیلی : نہ کوئی مضامین، نہ کوئی کلاس روم، نہ کوئی امتحان

ایجوکیشن ان موشن  مستقبل کے لئے تیار نظام ِتعلیم میں حکمت عملی پر مبنی سرمایہ کاری کر رہاہے

دبئی، متحدہ عرب امارات، 28 جون، 2022/پی آرنیوزوائر/ — آج دنیا بھر میں سب سے آگے کی سوچ رکھنے والے کچھ اسکولوں کے پس پشت  تعلیم فراہم کرنے والے ادارے، ایجوکیشن ان موشن (ای آئی ایم)، نے اعلان کیا ہے کہ اس نے اسکول آف ہیومینٹی ، جو ذاتی نوعیت کے، بین الضابطہ، قابلیت پر مبنی، عملی دنیا سیکھنے کے راستے اور صنعتی قائد  کی رہنمائی کی پیشکش کر کے مستقبل کی تیاری پر توجہ کے ساتھ ہائی اسکول کے تجربے کا دوبارہ احیا کر تاہے، میں حکمت عملی پر مبنی ایک چھوٹی سرمایہ کاری کی ہے۔

ای آئی ایم کے شریک بانی اور چیف کولیبریشن آفیسر، کیرن یونگ کہتے ہیں: “اسکول آف ہیومینٹی کے ساتھ حکمت عملی پر مبنی شراکت داری  میں ہماری سرمایہ کاری جدید ایجوکیشن برانڈز کا پورٹ فولیو بنانے کے لیے ہماری جدوجہد میں ایک اہم قدم ہے جو نوجوان لوگوں کی اگلی نسل کو تبدیلی کی تیز رفتار شرح کے پیش نظر علم،  مہارتوں ،  اور معاشرے اور کرہ ارض پر اثر انداز ہونے والی ترغیبات کے ساتھ بااختیار بناتی ہے۔ سکول آف ہیومینٹی کی اختراعی درس گاہ اور آن لائن فرسٹ انگیجمنٹ ماڈل اس کام اور تعلیمی نظام  کے مستقبل کے لیے ہمارے وژن کے ساتھ مکمل طور پر ہم آہنگ ہیں۔ ”

تعلیمی ادارے ، رایا بِدشہری کی جانب سے قائم کردہ ، سکول آف ہیومینٹی دنیا بھر کے ہائی سکول کے شاگردوں کو وہ مہارتیں، طرز خیال اور طرز عمل تیار کرنے کی صلاحیت فراہم کرتا ہے جس کی انہیں کام کے مستقبل کے لیے تیار رہنے، اجتماعی انسانی ترقی میں حصہ لینے اور انفرادی زندگی میں پھلنے پھولنے کی ضرورت ہے۔  آن لائن چار سالہ ہائی اسکول، اپنے سمر اسکول اور اسکول کے بعد کی پیشکشوں کے ساتھ، بین الضابطہ سیکھنے کے راستوں کے  مرکز کی توجہ عالمی شاگردوں پر توجہ مرکوز ہے تا کہ وہ باہمی تعاون کے ساتھ، پروجیکٹ پر مبنی، اور ذاتی نوعیت کے طریقوں سے حقیقی دنیا کے مسائل کو حل کر سکیں۔ یہ ماڈل ورلڈ اکنامک فورم اور او ای سی ڈی کی تحقیق پر مبنی ہے۔

 اسکول آف ہیومنٹی کے بارے میں :

اسکول آف ہیومینٹی، جس کے ہیڈکوارٹرز دبئی اور امریکہ میں ہیں، سیکھنے کے وہ جدید ماڈلز ڈیزائن کرتا اور فراہم کرتا ہے جو آج کے شاگردوں اور آج کی دنیا کی ضروریات کو پورا کرتے ہیں۔ یہ آن لائن سیکھنے کے تین پروگرام پیش کرتا ہے: ایک چار سالہ ہائی اسکول؛ اوپر لے جانے والی، بعد از اسکول پیشکش؛ اور چھ ہفتے کا سمر اسکول۔

 ایجوکیشن ان موشن کے بارے میں:

ایجوکیشن ان موشن (ای آئی ایم) ایک پائیدار مستقبل کے لیے تعلیم کی راہنمائی میں عالمی قائد بننے کی خواہش رکھتا ہے، جو شاگردوں کی جنریشنز کو دنیا کے مطابق زندگی گزارنے کی ترغیب دیتا ہے۔ اس کی 11,000 مستخکم شاگردوں کی کمیونٹی اختراعی تعلیم کے لیے ایک مستحکم مشترکہ عزم کے ساتھ متحد ہے جو ایسے طلبہ کی پرورش کرتی ہے جو لوگوں اور کرہ ارض پر مثبت طور پر اثر انداز ہو سکتے ہیں۔ آج، ای آئی ایم کے پورٹ فولیو میں ڈلوِچ کالج انٹرنیشنل، ڈلوِچ انٹرنیشنل ہائی اسکول،  ڈی ہانگ® ، گرین اسکول  انٹرنیشنل، ہوکلپائنز  انسٹی ٹیوٹ فٹان اے جی ، وہ ہوئی منڈارِن، اور ای آئی ایم وینچرز شامل ہیں۔


Transforming Education for the Real-world: No subjects, no classrooms, no exams

Education in Motion Makes Strategic Investment in Future-Ready Education

DUBAI, UAE, June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Education in Motion (EiM), the education provider behind some of today’s most forward-thinking schools around the world, announced that it has made a significant minority investment in School of Humanity, which reimagines the high school experience with a focus on future-readiness by offering personalised, interdisciplinary, competency-based, real-world learning paths and industry leader mentorships.

EiM co-Founder and Chief Collaboration Officer, Karen Yung, commented: “Our investment in a strategic partnership with School of Humanity is a critical step in our quest to build a portfolio of innovative education brands empowering the next generation of young people with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to make a difference for society and the planet, given the ever-accelerating rate of change. School of Humanity’s innovative pedagogy and online-first engagement models are completely aligned with that task and our vision for the future of education.”

Founded by education entrepreneur Raya Bidshahri, School of Humanity offers high school learners from around the world the ability to develop the skills, mindsets, and behaviors they need to be ready for the future of work, contribute to collective human progress and flourish in individual life. The online four-year High School, along with its Summer School and After School offerings, center on interdisciplinary learning pathways focused on global learners solving real-world problems in a collaborative, project-based, and personalized way. The model is based on research from World Economic Forum and OECD.

About School of Humanity:

With headquarters in Dubai and the US, School of Humanity designs and delivers innovative learning models that meet the needs of today’s learners and today’s world. It offers three online learning programs: a four-year High School; Ascend, its After School offering; and a six-week Summer School.

About Education in Motion:

Education in Motion (EiM) aspires to be the global leader in pioneering education for a sustainable future, inspiring generations of learners to Live Worldwise. Its 11,000-strong learning community is united by a strong common commitment to innovative education that nurtures students who can make a positive impact for people and the planet. Today, EiM’s portfolio includes Dulwich College International, Dulwich International High School, Dehong ®, Green School International, Hochalpines Institut Ftan AG, Wo Hui Mandarin, and EiM Ventures.

Hitachi Energy and Petrofac to collaborate in growing offshore wind market

Collaboration combines complementary technologies and expertise of both companies to increase customer value and help accelerate the energy transition

Zurich, Switzerland, June 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hitachi Energy a market and technology leader in transmission, distribution and grid automation solutions, and Petrofac, a leading international service provider to the energy industry, have entered into a collaboration to provide grid integration and associated infrastructure to support the rapidly growing offshore wind market.

This collaboration builds on the complementary core technologies and expertise of both companies in offshore wind to support the decarbonization of power systems and deliver clean energy. It covers high-voltage direct current (HVDC), as well as high-voltage alternating current (HVAC) solutions.

Hitachi Energy’s HVDC Light® and modular HVAC grid technologies and solutions and Petrofac’s world-class engineering, procurement, construction and installation capabilities for offshore platforms and offshore and onshore civil works, will bring considerable benefits to the efficient implementation of offshore wind projects and help accelerate the energy transition.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Petrofac to help meet the growing need for large-scale offshore wind generation and deliver clean renewable electricity to consumers. As leaders in our respective fields, this collaboration will create added value for our customers and help accelerate the energy transition,” said Niklas Persson, Managing Director of Hitachi Energy’s Grid Integration business. “Our HVDC and HVAC solutions are key enablers of the transition to a global energy system that is more sustainable, flexible and secure.”

“Offshore wind plays a crucial role in the transition to clean, affordable energy and we’ve been successfully delivering major projects in the sector for more than a decade now,” said Elie Lahoud, Chief Operating Officer, Engineering & Construction of Petrofac. “Hitachi Energy is well known for its long track record in providing innovative technologies and solutions across the power grid value chain. We look forward to bringing our industry-leading experience and deep domain knowledge together, to benefit our customers and power millions more homes using renewable energy.”

Recent Hitachi Energy HVDC offshore wind projects include Dogger Bank, the world’s largest offshore wind farm off the UK coast, and four of the DolWin and BorWin HVDC hubs that connect multiple wind farms in the North Sea to the German power grid.

Hitachi Energy is also a global leading supplier of grid connection solutions for the AC offshore wind farms industry.

Editor’s notes

Offshore wind is undergoing unprecedented growth globally. In 2021, a record 15.7 gigawatts (GW) of capacity were added, compared to around 5.2 GW per year in 2020 and 2019, according to World Forum Offshore Wind.1

Hitachi Energy pioneered HVDC almost 70 years ago and has delivered more than half of the world’s HVDC projects and more than 70 percent of the world’s voltage source converter (HVDC Light) installations. HVDC Light is the technology of choice for transferring power over long distances from offshore wind farms to the mainland grid. Its defining features include uniquely compact converter stations (which is extremely important in space-critical applications like offshore wind platforms), exceptionally low electrical losses of less than 1 percent, and black-start capability to restore power after a grid outage.


About Hitachi Energy Ltd.

Hitachi Energy is a global technology leader that is advancing a sustainable energy future for all. We serve customers in the utility, industry and infrastructure sectors with innovative solutions and services across the value chain. Together with customers and partners, we pioneer technologies and enable the digital transformation required to accelerate the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral future. We are advancing the world’s energy system to become more sustainable, flexible and secure whilst balancing social, environmental and economic value. Hitachi Energy has a proven track record and unparalleled installed base in more than 140 countries. Headquartered in Switzerland, we employ around 38,000 people in 90 countries and generate business volumes of approximately $10 billion USD.

About Hitachi, Ltd.

Hitachi drives Social Innovation Business, creating a sustainable society with data and technology. We will solve customers’ and society’s challenges with Lumada solutions leveraging IT, OT (Operational Technology) and products, under the business structure of Digital Systems & Services, Green Energy & Mobility, Connective Industries and Automotive Systems. Driven by green, digital, and innovation, we aim for growth through collaboration with our customers. The company’s consolidated revenues for fiscal year 2021 (ended March 31, 2022) totaled 10,264.6 billion yen ($84,136 million USD), with 853 consolidated subsidiaries and approximately 370,000 employees worldwide. For more information on Hitachi, please visit the company’s website at

Jocelyn Chang
Hitachi Energy Ltd.

PM’s Life-saving CPR Training Campaign launched

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s Life-saving CPR Training Campaign has been launched.

Head Strategic Reforms Salman Sufi said volunteers willing to be part of the campaign can register by calling 1166.

He said individuals who are already professionally trained in CPR should register for volunteer training.

Salman Sufi said individuals who will train ten people for basic CPR during the campaign will get rewards.

He said there is no age and gender restriction of becoming the trainer under the campaign.

Source: Radio Pakistan

Pakistan voices concern over blocking of access to twitter handles of its missions in India

Pakistan has expressed concerns over the blocking of access in India to the Twitter handles of its missions abroad by the Indian government.

In a statement, Foreign Office spokesperson Asim Iftikhar said India has withheld access to the twitter handles of Pakistan’s embassies in Iran, Turkiye, Egypt and the Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York and many others.

The Spokesperson urged Twitter to immediately restore access to the Pakistan missions’ accounts and ensure adherence to democratic freedoms of speech and expression.

He said the social media platforms must abide by the applicable international norms.

Meanwhile, The Director General of Strategic Communication Division, of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saima Syed has said that it is concerning development in which India blocked the Twitter handles of Radio Pakistan as well as of Pakistan’s Foreign Missions abroad.

Talking to Radio Pakistan’s News and Current Affairs Channel on Tuesday, she said overall, India has withheld eighty social media accounts, of which four are Twitter handles of Pakistan’s embassies in Iran, Turkiye, Egypt and the Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York.

Saima Syed said being an international company, Twitter has its own code of conduct and values while freedom of expression and access to information is critical for public’s right to know the truth.

She said the Indian step is against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well.

The DG Strategic Communication Division said India cannot hide truth to reach people through such oppressive measures.

Source: Radio Pakistan